The Festival has been an important happening in the percussion environment, promoting a platform for the encounter of several identities, either related to:
- The Percussion Education – promotion of different Master Classes and Workshops - for basic, through pre – professional until a professional level students, among percussion teachers and professional percussionists;
- The Performance Environment – a space and time for the Percussion Youth Groups and University Groups present themselves in a formal context;
- The Professional Performance/ Concerts – the construction of a program line, of several Percussion Professionals, dedicated to the presentation of different lines of interpretation and exploratory work either in the national or international view.
- Interaction with Music Composers, which present original pieces or simply honor us with their presence by following the interpretation process and result.
- Interaction with the other Instrument Areas or artistic forms on a experimental basis such as, Video, Multimedia, Dance, and much more.
A parallel activity that also takes place:
- The Exhibition  of some Percussion Instruments and Accessories brands that have shown us the interest to invest in the Festival with their presence;
- The informal meetings between all the participants during the week and the after concerts on informal bar talks, that enrich the festival analysis results and even promote future projects in or beyond the festival.